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2015 NOTE: This site is being updated and re-launched later this year. The artwork below represents a sample of my work up until 2011. For my latest artwork, projects and updates please refer to any of the three links below for my LinkedIn, IMDB and ArtStation profiles respectively. You'll also find my CV below. - Mikael

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Personal project, 2.5D Digital Matte Painting.
full clip - LOW resolution - 480p (33MB .mov)
full clip - HIGH resolution - 720p (125MB .mov)

Digital Matte Painting. Client: Framestore CFC.

Personal project, Digital Matte Painting.

gsCEPT Specialization project - 2.5D matte painting
breakdown(8MB .mov)
animated shot(6MB .mov)

Traditional Media @ colorjizz.blogspot.com

An external link to my blog, which I and several friends and colleagues post on and frequent. Plein air painting, watercolor sketches and more!

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